1 Which team has won the World-Cup Spain '82?

2 In which year has been played the first World Cup (Rimet Cup)?

3 In 1970, Italy strikes the West Germany in the semifinal match. Which was the score?

4 Who is the captain of Italy at the Wolrd Cup 1982?

5 Who has marked the goal of the victory of North Korea against Italy in 1966?

6 In 1934 Italy against who replayed the 1/4 of final match?

7 Which World Cup final match was finished at the penalty kick for the first time?

8 Between these Italians, who has not been expelled during final phase '94?

9 Which team has won 5 times the World-Cup?

10 During the final match in 1994, which Italian player lacks the last penalty kick that offers the victory to Brasil team?


from 0 to 2 = very poor;
from 3 to 5 = poor;
from 6 to 8 = good;
9 = very good;
10 = Excellent.


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